About Richard Nield photography

I'm a freelance journalist and photographer based in London and specialising in the Middle East, Africa and South America.

In almost 10 years as a journalist, my articles and photographs have been published in print and online by news organisations including the BBC, Reuters, the Financial Times, the Economist Intelligence Unit, MEED, African Energy, Africa Confidential and FT Group publications The Banker and MergerMarket. My articles have been taken up by publications including The Times and The Sunday Times. I have also made media appearances on international news networks.

I have travelled to more than 40 countries, and since turning freelance three years ago have made several trips overseas. I have travelled to South Sudan three times in the past two years, spending a total of four months in the country. In Jan 2011 I reported on the referendum on independence, covered a range of state-building, economic and political issues, and carried out extensive research on the controversial issue of land rights in the new country; in July 2012 I covered the first anniversary of independence and began work on a documentary film about South Sudan's wheelchair basketball team; and in September 2012 I spent four weeks researching a comprehensive report on the economy and development plans of the new country. In the past three years I have also spent two months in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, reporting on political and economic developments; two months in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia, reporting on South American energy; and two months in Buenos Aires, during which I attended the World Gas Conference and reported on international energy issues.